Sold at $59 per bottle

Pricey American spring water in Duhok attracts Hollywood celebrities

DUHOK, November 5 — A type of water is being sold in Duhok at a price of 95,000 dinars ($59) per bottle, with the seller claiming that its sole reason for the high cost is that it is American, sourced from springs, and preferred by Hollywood celebrities.

The seller has only sold five bottles so far, all to Arabs coming from Erbil.

The owner of one of the stores in the “Tishre Complex” in the Shexan district south of Duhok imported this particular type of water from the United States, and he states that he has sold only five bottles to date.

Aland Mohammed, the store owner, explained:

“The quality of this water is not much different from the water we drink daily in Duhok. The reason for the high prices is that it is manufactured in the factory of the artist ‘Kevin Boyd,’ who has appeared in many Hollywood films and is preferred by celebrities in the United States and worldwide.

This water is sourced from American springs, and its taste is somewhat different from regular water. Only those with a discerning palate for flavors can detect the difference.”

He added, “As far as I know, the pH level of this water is 7.66, which is close to the pH level of the water we drink in Kurdistan. The chloride and sodium levels are 0%. The price of one bottle (wholesale) before importation was $50, but after importation, transportation costs, and taxes, the price per bottle becomes 88,000 ($55) dinars. We sell one bottle for 95,000 dinars ($59). I have only sold five bottles of this water so far, and all the buyers were Arabs coming from Erbil.”