Ambassador confirmed to transfer the message to Japan

Nouri al-Maliki emphasizes Japan’s role in stopping Gaza war

BAGHDAD, November 1 — Head of the State of Law Coalition, Nouri al-Maliki, emphasized on Wednesday the pivotal and balanced role of Japan to play an important role in stopping the war on Gaza. This statement was made during his reception of the Japanese Ambassador to Baghdad, Futoshi Matsumoto.

During the meeting, they discussed the longstanding friendly Iraqi-Japanese relations, as well as the political, economic, and popular ties that bind the two friendly nations. They also discussed the repercussions of the war in the Gaza sector and its regional and international consequences.

Nouri al-Maliki stressed that what is happening in Gaza is a genocidal war led by the Zionist entity against an innocent people who desire nothing more than to reclaim their legitimate rights to a decent life on their land. He pointed out that the actions of this entity have surpassed all international norms and laws, and if it continues on this savage path, it will lead to an expansion of the conflict throughout the entire region and result in consequences that are far from desirable.

He emphasized the importance of Japan maintaining a balanced role to encourage other international stances to play a pivotal role in stopping this unjust war and preserving the lives and legitimate rights of the Palestinians.

In turn, Mr. Matsumoto clarified that he would convey these messages to his government, which is also keen on ending this war, protecting civilians, and finding a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue.