Al-Araji meets ambassador of Czechia

Iraqi National Security Advisor: Gaza ground invasion would ignite a regional fire

BAGHDAD, October 21 — Iraq National Security Advisor, Qasim Al-Araji, stated on Saturday that an invasion of the Gaza Strip would ignite a fire in the region, emphasizing the need to prevent the war from expanding.

According to a release from Al-Araji’s press office, the National Security Advisor met with Czechia’s Ambassador to Baghdad, Peter Stepanik, to discuss enhancing cooperation and friendship between the two countries and ways to develop bilateral relations. They also reportedly discussed continued cooperation in the fight against terrorism as well as information exchange.

The officials also reviewed developments in the Palestinian territories, especially the situation in the Gaza Strip. Al-Araji stressed that the killing of civilians and forced displacement constitute unacceptable collective punishment. He pointed out that the Palestinian issue cannot be resolved without the establishment of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state.

Al-Araji added that invading Gaza would ignite a fire in the region and stressed the importance of working to prevent the war’s expansion. He noted that cutting off water and humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip is unacceptable and that children are not part of the battle. He called on the international community to seek an end to the fighting and an end to this war. Al-Araji also pointed out that statements from the religious authority in Najaf, the Iraqi government, and the stance towards supporting the Palestinian cause are clear.

For his part, the Czechia Ambassador reportedly expressed his country’s concern about the killing of civilians in Gaza and stressed the importance of stopping this war, as it would affect the entire region. He expressed his country’s appreciation for the humanitarian aid sent by Iraq to the Gaza Strip. He also indicated that the European Union has doubled the delivery of aid to Gaza.

The Czechia Ambassador thanked the Iraqi government for protecting the foreign missions and embassies operating in Iraq. The meeting concluded with Mr. Al-Araji confirming that the protection and security of embassies and missions in Iraq are a duty and commitment according to international diplomatic standards. He noted that Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani personally monitors this.