Athletes pass test in Baghdad

Nine young athletes earn black belts after years of dedication and training

BAGHDAD, October 21 — Nine young karate athletes earned their black belts after successfully passing the Central Federation’s test in Baghdad, under the guidance of international coach Tiers Odisho.

Team coach Youssef Al-Rawi said the athletes earned their belts after four years of rigorous training, dedication, and support.

“This achievement was made possible with significant support from the players’ families and continuous hard work from the athletes,” Al-Rawi said.

The names of the players who earned their black belts are as follows:

Youssef Ayesh
Firas Ayesh
Abdulkarim Mutasim
Osama Mutasim
Fajr Abdulrahim
Junaid Yasser Ali
Zaid Nabil Saleem
Hamza Hashem
Mohammad Adnan