In meeting with Arab Labor Organization Secretary-General

Sudani prioritizes economic reform and employment

BAGHDAD, October 16 — The Prime Minister of Iraq, Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, stated on Monday that the government has prioritized economic reform and unemployment reduction. He made this statement during his meeting with the Secretary-General of the Arab Labor Organization, Fayez Ali Al-Matiri.

A statement from the Sudanese Prime Minister’s office, received by Network 964, reads:

“This morning, Monday, Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani received the Secretary-General of the Arab Labor Organization, Fayez Ali Al-Matiri, in the presence of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

During the meeting, discussions covered the general conditions of the Arab and regional work environment, as well as economic and social matters related to it.

He emphasized that the government has placed economic reform, job creation, and unemployment reduction at the top of its priorities. He also commended the role played by the organization, which is one of the entities within the League of Arab States.

The Prime Minister reiterated Iraq’s support for the organization’s activities and welcomed the upcoming Arab Labor Ministers’ Conference, to be hosted by the capital, Baghdad, in April of the coming year. He expressed his commitment to exert every effort to ensure the success of this distinguished collaborative gathering.

Office of the Prime Minister’s Media 16th October 2023.”