Desert comes to life

Farmer successfully grows sunflowers in Muthanna’s desert region

MUTHANNA, October 14 — In an arid stretch of land in Muthanna governorate, farmer Hussein Al-Shaibani has achieved a significant milestone by successfully growing sunflowers on a 60-dunam (approximately 15-acre) plot, relying on groundwater for irrigation.

Al-Shaibani shared with 964: “After getting the necessary approvals from the Directorate of Agriculture in Muthanna, I planted 60 dunams of sunflowers for the first time in the governorate. I relied on groundwater for irrigation, and prior to planting, I used laser leveling technology to prepare the land and soil using electronic devices.”

“The sunflower seeds were procured from specialized traders in the Kurdistan region, and after the harvest, the produce is sold in local markets. Due to the absence of government distribution channels for this product, the sales are primarily limited to local markets,” he added.

Wathiq Mansour, Director of Agriculture in Muthanna, stated, “We have continuously supported farmer Hussein Al-Shaibani throughout the previous period, providing him with all the necessary machinery and equipment. This successful experiment marks the first time sunflower cultivation has thrived in the governorate. In the upcoming seasons, we will organize workshops and seminars for farmers to encourage them to grow this crop, given its economic and aesthetic significance.”

Mansoud added, “Due to the crop not being included in this year’s summer agricultural plan, we have not yet received produce from farmers, and therefore, there are no established collection points for this particular crop.”

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