Bank urges public to follow official sources for info

Al-Rafidain Bank confirms it will continue issuing loans

BAGHDAD, October 12 — Al-Rafidain Bank affirmed on Thursday that it would continue providing home loans, in addition to small project loans, and other types of funds, while urging the public to follow the bank’s official platforms for news and activities.

A statement from the bank’s press office read:

Al-Rafidain Bank Clarification Regarding Loans

Continued issuance of housing loans, small projects, and other loans to citizens.

Small project loans amount to 25 million dinars.

Promoting loan application transactions at the bank’s branches in Baghdad and the governorates.

The bank invites its customers, the media, and the general public not to rely on, transfer, or circulate links on social media platforms, and to refer to the bank’s official sources for the purpose of verifying accurate facts and information.”

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