Authorities respond to Hamdaniya disaster

Interior Minister urges closure of unsafe buildings and projects across Iraq

BAGHDAD, October 2 — Iraq’s Interior Minister urged for the closure of businesses that fail to comply with safey and security regulations on Monday, following the deadly fire at a wedding in Hamdaniya district that killed up to 119 people.

Minister Abdul Amir Al-Shammari called on governors, police chiefs, and civil defense directors to shutter projects that pose risk to public safety.

A statement from the Ministry of Interior said:

Minister of Interior Mr. Abdul Amir Al-Shammari chaired the meeting of the High Leadership Committee for Civil Defense Affairs Management today, in the presence of all relevant ministries, as well as governors, police chiefs, and civil defense directors from the goveernorates through video conferencing.

The Minister urged governors to close projects that do not comply with safety and security regulations. He also directed civil defense directors in the governorates to report such projects, emphasizing that those who neglect this matter will face legal accountability. He granted them a seven-day period to provide information about buildings that do not meet safety and security requirements.

Furthermore, Mr. Al-Shammari called on governors to support civil defense directorates in their governorates by establishing civil defense centers in districts and areas, stating that the ministry is committed to providing logistical and human support to all these centers.

In conclusion, the Minister emphasized the need for all ministries to work together in case of any emergency and to form emergency response teams in the provinces involving all relevant authorities, including civil defense, health, and other concerned departments and institutions.