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Erbil traffic directorate warns drivers of tunnel closure and provides alternative routes

ERBIL, September 30 — The Erbil Traffic Directorate has warned drivers against traveling to Shaqlawa through the Permam Tunnel, which has been scheduled for closure for three days for maintenance and rehabilitation. They have advised using alternative routes based on the size of the vehicle starting from tomorrow, Sunday.

A statement from the Erbil Traffic Directorate, translated by Network 964, warns all drivers and citizens that, in coordination with the city’s road maintenance teams, starting from Sunday, October 1, 2023, until October 3, 2023, road realignment and repair of traffic signs will be carried out in the Permam Tunnel. For this purpose, on Sunday, starting from 12:00 AM, the Shaqlawa Road, from the Permam Bridge towards Shaqlawa , will be closed. Small vehicle drivers can use the Permam Road as an alternative route, while trucks can use the Hnara and Sheikh Tarab roads until 6:00 AM on Monday. On the following day, from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM, the entire tunnel will be closed in the direction of the outgoing road. On the third day, the entrance side of Shaqlawa to Erbil will also be closed at the same nighttime hours.

Drivers can return to Erbil by taking the “Kuri” road towards Permam and Erbil. Please assist us in serving you.