Using imported devices from Europe

Baghdad municipality launches cleaning and laser inspection campaign for water pipelines

BAGHDAD, September 30 — Baghdad Municipality initiated a campaign on Saturday to clean water drainage lines and conduct laser inspections using imported devices from Europe in preparation for the rainy season.

Mahmoud Aziz, the Director-General of Baghdad Sewers, told Network 964:

“We conducted a cleaning operation for water drainage lines using laser inspection devices imported from Europe in anticipation of the rainy season. The underwater inspection device assesses the tubes both structurally and for deposits using sonar technology.”

A high-pressure machine with a force of “3000 bars,” equivalent to 20 rocket launchers, is employed for line cleaning.

After completing the work, the line is evaluated using sonar devices, marking a first-time occurrence in Baghdad Municipality.

“We cleaned three main lines: the Baghdad ET line, 24 kilometers long, the Zublan line, 26 kilometers long, and the WT line, 28 kilometers long. These main lines are located in East Bank, West Bank, and Karrada,” Aziz stated.

Baghdad’s ET line was re-inspected and treated for “12 subsidence points.” Regular maintenance is conducted for all sewage facilities in the Abu Ghraib, Rustumiya, and Rustumiya Third areas.

These operations have been ongoing since April 1, 2023, and continue to date, with assistance provided to municipal departments in designing and addressing subsidence issues.