Buyers pay high premiums for the new phones

iPhone 15 sells out in Maysan in one hour

MAYSAN, September 28 — The new edition of Apple’s latest phone, the iPhone 15, arrived in Maysan governorate on Sunday, just 48 hours after its global release, selling out in one hour.

Mobile phone shops in Maysan were ready to provide the newly released phone in record time due to the high demand from customers.

Hussein Shaker, owner of Shihab Phone Company, told 964: “Several of the company’s customers want to acquire the latest devices as soon as they are released. We previously provided the latest Samsung 23 models but at prices higher than the official ones, as a first shipment. We offered 16 phones in the first shipment of the iPhone 15 Max Pro at a price of 3.25 million dinars.”

The phones were pre-booked by customers and sold out within an hour of arrival. A new shipment is expected to be available soon at a lower price of 2.8 million dinars.

Husam Allwan, owner of Almasa Phones Company, said: “We had the new iPhone, which sold out in the first two days. Today, we are waiting for the arrival of the new batch from Apple’s agents in the UAE.”

Customer Ali Shadhar shared: “The feeling of owning the best phone in record time is great and unique. That’s why I’m always eager to buy an iPhone as soon as it’s released, even if the price is multiplied.”

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