Families find peace and fun in the countryside

Vacation rental properties offer a tranquil escape south of Baghdad

BAGHDAD, September 25 — The number of vacation rentals have notably increased in the Albu Aitha area, south of Baghdad, becoming a preferred destination for families seeking relaxation and a change of scenery during holidays and special occasions.

Rental property owners look to provide a range of amenities to attract customers, resulting in highly profitable ventures, especially with the improved security situation in the area and the decline in agricultural activities.

Riyadh Ahmed, a specialist in farm and property rentals explained, “Rentals serve as a peaceful retreat for Baghdad families looking to escape the city’s hustle and spend quality time outdoors.”

The proximity of the Albu Aitha area to the Tigris River and the vital Dora Expressway has made it a popular choice for outings.

These rentals offer fully-furnished houses, barbecues, and beautiful gardens. For those who enjoy games and entertainment, sports facilities are also available on the properties.

The number of families renting these properties has significantly increased and prices range from 150,000 to 300,000 Iraqi dinars per period. Families can rent for a half or full-day.

Abu Mohammed Al-Aithawi, a rental owner, shared his experience: “I had a 5-donum farm on the banks of the Tigris River. I sold one donum and invested the proceeds in converting the remaining half into a rental. It has become a source of income for me, with rental prices rising on holidays and occasions, sometimes with a long wait-list of customers who may have to wait a week or two for their turn.”

The number of rental properties has increased significantly in agricultural areas south of Baghdad due to high demand. Most renters are affluent families from upscale areas in the capital.

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