Minister of Interior leads discussions

Officials discuss security force redeployments in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, September 19 — Iraq’s Minister of Interior Abdul Amir Al-Shammari held an extensive meeting on Tuesday to discuss the redeployment of security forces in Baghdad to enhance security and stability.

The Ministry’s press office stated in a release:

Minister of Interior Mr. Abdul Amir Al-Shammari chaired a security meeting at the Ministry’s headquarters, attended by the Baghdad Operations Commander, Federal Police Commander, divisional leaders, Rapid Response Division Commander, and several leaders and officers within the Ministry.

During the meeting, the attendees discussed the redeployment of ground-holding security units in the capital, Baghdad, gradually reducing their numbers to create an effective reserve force that supports security units in other areas.

The Minister emphasized the reliance on surprise deployments as a more effective security measure and the utilization of emergency patrols within their respective areas of responsibility. He also stressed the importance of intelligence efforts through the collection of accurate information.