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Sudani inaugurates the 24th Baghdad international book fair

BAGHDAD, September 17 — This morning, Sunday, Prime Minister Mr. Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani inaugurated the 24th Baghdad International Book Fair.

In his speech during the opening ceremony, he welcomed the Arab guests of Iraq in the capital, Baghdad, a city with a rich history and a deep connection to books. He expressed his condolences for the tragic earthquake incident that occurred in their homeland, Morocco.

He also greeted the organizers of this cultural event, emphasizing the importance of cultural activities in shaping a promising future for Iraq.

He toured the fair’s halls, inspecting the participation of local and Arab publishing houses, which enriched the fair with their latest publications across various fields of culture and science.

Here are the key points from Prime Minister’s speech:

🔷 Interest in books and their authors is growing due to the challenges facing reading and books in general.

🔷 Complaints about the decline in reading and the attempts of modern technology and social media to replace physical books have increased.

🔷 The Baghdad International Book Fair represents a breath of fresh air for books, reading, and knowledge.

🔷 Despite technological advancements and the prevalence of e-books, physical books continue to have a special charm and have played a role in changing minds and educating generations.

🔷 The government will continue to support cultural initiatives as part of its commitment to building Iraq.

🔷 The government will take various measures to facilitate the work of Iraqi publishing houses and will provide interest-free loans to support them. Major book fairs in Iraq will also receive government support.

Office of the Prime Minister’s Media Department
September 17, 2023