Iraq’s youngest writer is just 8-years-old

DIWANIYAH, April 10 — Saraa Al-Adly, an 8-year-old Iraqi girl, has become the youngest author in her country. With the support of her family, she wrote four children’s stories that have gained widespread recognition, particularly in the city of Diwaniyah.

Saraa employs ambiguous titles in her stories to create an air of suspense and intrigue, which helps to attract more readers.

She has written a total of four stories to date, including “kitty and Zeus the Reckless”, “Damdam and the Two Tails”, “Bahloul the Lazy and the Unlucky germ”, and “Kayan the Hero, the Cancer Fighter”.

Saraa Al-Adly told 964 Network:
I am currently a third-grader in primary school, and the first person who recognized my talent was my aunt Marihan Hussein, who is a writer.

My other aunt, Tabarak Hussein, who is also a writer, assists me in drawing the characters for my stories.

Additionally, my mother helps me by acting out the characters so that I can write about them.

I have participated in various festivals, workshops, and courses to further develop my skills, including the “My Smart Hats” course in the United Arab Emirates.

This program focused on self-improvement, cultivating correct thinking, and developing the ability to handle challenging situations with confidence.