Boost for local economy

Over 300,000 tourists visit Kurdistan Region during Eid Al-Adha

ERBIL — The Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism reported Sunday that the region welcomed over 300,000 tourists during the Eid al-Adha holiday, generating an estimated $75 million in tourism revenue.

Ibrahim Abdulmajid, spokesperson for the Kurdistan Region’s Tourism Board, noted that the influx predominantly consisted of visitors from central and southern Iraq. “We estimated the expenditure of each tourist during their stay in Kurdistan at about $250, potentially reaching up to $300. Consequently, the region’s tourism revenue for Eid al-Adha is estimated at $75 million, at the minimum,” Abdulmajid said.

He further highlighted the spending habits of European tourists, who might spend more than $1,000. However, he clarified, “Since the majority of tourists are from central and southern Iraq, we based our calculations on an average spending range of $250 to $300 per tourist.”