Erbil man finds his voice in the call to prayer

ERBIL, April 8 — Rawand Surchi, a young man from Erbil, has inherited a special voice from his family, and he has used his talent as a prayer caller at the Sayyid Bahauddin Mosque by going there every day.

Meanwhile, those concerned in the Kurdistan Region have been discussing serious attempts to improve the level of the prayer callers’ voices.

Rawand Surchi expressed to 964 Network:
I began working officially as a prayer caller and Quran reciter in 2013.
According to Aziz Namik, a worshiper at the mosque, the prayer caller’s voice plays an important role in attracting people to attend prayers.

Some individuals even travel to mosques far from their homes in search of beautiful voices.

However, the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs has been attempting to ban some prayer callers who fail to improve their voices, as this can discourage people from attending mosques.

Kalali, a member of the Executive Board of Religious Scholars in the Kurdistan Region, to 964 Network:
I suggested installing a central device for the call to prayer and selecting several prayer callers with unique voices, rather than relying on only one.

The Kurdistan Region has 5,800 mosques overseen by the Ministry of Endowments, which aims to develop the talents of prayer callers to ensure they all have sweet and melodious voices.