'Unique talent'

Young Basra artist Mujtaba Mohammed dies following motorcycle crash

BASRA — Mujtaba Mohammed, a prominent young Basra artist, died Thursday evening from severe head injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident 10 days earlier in Basra.

Colleagues and friends have expressed deep sorrow over his passing, recognizing his significant contributions to the local art scene.

“Mujtaba was a unique talent in painting,” Nibras Al-Fayrouzi, a local journalist, told 964media. “I followed his wonderful brushwork on Al-Farahidi Street with the Al-Ghadeer Art Group.”

The Al-Ghadeer Art Group, of which Mujtaba was a member, said it is mourning the loss of a key figure in its community.

During his four-year career, Mujtaba was involved in various artistic and social activities. He painted murals at multiple locations, including Al-Farahidi Street, Al-Mina Stadium, the central library, and over 15 other sites in Basra.

“Mujtaba participated in many initiatives by the Al-Ghadeer Art Group, creating murals on the walls of schools, public offices, and cultural sites,” said artist Mohammed Ali to 964media.