Graduates' degrees now recognized abroad

Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education recognizes University of Charmo in Chamchamal

CHAMCHAMAL – The Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education has officially recognized the University of Charmo in the Kurdistan Region’s Chamchamal district, addressing long-standing issues with degree authentication abroad.

Helmat Rashid, President of the University of Charmo, said, “In the past, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs refused to authenticate degrees from the University of Charmo, causing significant problems for students wishing to continue their studies or work abroad.” He noted that this recognition from the Ministry of Higher Education resolves these problems.

Recently, the Foreign Ministry authenticated the degrees of seven graduates and listed the university among Iraq’s recognized institutions.

Established in 2014, the University of Charmo is a public institution with three main colleges. Official recognition has been granted to two of these colleges, with work ongoing for the remaining departments. The university currently enrolls around 1,500 students.

With the recognition of the University of Charmo, only Raparin University and Garmiyan University in Kurdistan remain unrecognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Raparin University is provisionally listed by the Ministry of Higher Education, pending resolution of some deficiencies before full authentication.