Al-Mutanabbi Street offers locals a wide variety of books

BAGHDAD, April 4 — On the banks of the Tigris river, near the Al-Mutanabbi statue and the oldest market that dates back to the Abbasid era, book lovers gather every Friday to participate in cultural events and explore ancient libraries.

According to a survey by the 964 Network, female readers tend to search for books on human development and collections of poetry, while men gravitate towards sources of politics and history, which are among the current bestsellers.

The Al-Mutanabbi libraries have reported a high demand for history books, particularly those relating to Baghdad and Iraq. In addition to literary novels and poetry, human development books, which generally attract young people, come in second place.

Lens 964 recently toured the famous book market in Iraq and the Arab world, and captured the atmosphere of the third week of Ramadan.