Becoming the city's lungs

Iraq’s largest park under construction in Duhok

DUHOK — Construction has begun on a new park in Duhok, set to become the largest in Iraq. The first phase will cover 660 donums (approximately 163 acres), with 80 percent dedicated to green space and featuring 365,000 trees. The project’s total cost is 126.6 billion dinars (around $95 million).

The park will include parking areas, walking paths, restaurants, cafeterias, pavilions, a cave, and a Roman-style amphitheater. Nechirvan Hazim, head of the Duhok branch of the Syndicate of Agricultural Engineers, emphasized the park’s significance, calling it “lungs to breathe” for Duhok province.

Hazim highlighted the park’s strategic location near the gateway to Duhok from Mosul province and its extensive green space, making it unique in Iraq. The project is also expected to create numerous job opportunities for residents.