Plan would build 2,000 schools across Iraq

Kurdistan Teachers’ Union urges inclusion in Chinese school project

ERBIL, September 7 — The Kurdistan Teachers’ Union has called upon the federal government to include the Kurdistan region in a Chinese school project, stating that they will soon send a delegation to Baghdad for negotiations.

During the tenure of former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, an agreement was reached to build 2,000 schools across Iraq with funding from a Chinese loan. The first phase of the project was slated to commence in central and southern Iraqi cities.

Ahmed Garmiani, head of the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union, emphasized that the Kurdistan region should not be deprived of these schools. He suggested that Baghdad bears responsibility for this shortfall.

Garmiani asserted that any civil project in Iraq should encompass the Kurdistan region, and the construction of these schools is one such project. He noted that the Union requested former Prime Minister-designate Mohammed Allawi to ensure that Kurdistan is not excluded from these schools and that Allawi committed to working towards this goal. As a result, the Union will be visiting Baghdad in the coming days.