Facilitating travel to southern provinces

Baghdad terminal project in Mosul nears completion

MOSUL — The Baghdad terminal project in Mosul is nearing completion and is awaiting final touches before its opening. Once operational, the terminal will facilitate departures of buses and cars towards the south. Spanning 24,000 square meters, the project includes around 40 ticket offices, restaurants, rest houses for drivers, and parking spaces for hundreds of vehicles.

Located in the Bab al-Bayd area on the right side of the city, the project’s opening is pending the completion of the main road separating the two sides of the garage, which will be finished soon.

Engineer Saad Al-Shahin, the project manager, told 964media, “The project has two houses for drivers. Each house is 120 square meters and contains a hall, a rest area, and a small restaurant.” He added that the terminal will have a capacity of over 100 buses and 200 small taxis, with green spaces within the project.

“Everything is currently complete, except for the street between the two buildings from Bab al-Bayd to Dora al-Mahatta, which is still unpaved and has many bumps. Once this street is completed, the garage will be opened immediately,” Al-Shahin said.