Farmer advised not to kill them

Wild boars threaten local crops in Mount Qandil area

BINARI QANDIL — Farmers in the Binari Qandil area of the eastern Kurdistan Region are increasingly concerned about their summer harvest due to a rising number of wild boars threatening their crops.

The boars have become a significant problem, with some villages experiencing particularly high populations. The Qandil border area between Iraq and Iran comprises 67 villages.

While wild boars have spread across all these villages, certain areas report especially high numbers.

Shaho Ali, a resident of Endze village, told 964media that locals estimate up to a thousand wild boars have been seen in the area, marking a higher count than in previous years.

“My relatives who farm in the village lose hope for their crops every year because the wild boars destroy their fields,” Ali said. “This year, the number of boars is the highest it has ever been.”

Dilshad Ibrahim, head of the Binari Qandil municipality, confirmed the unusual increase in boar populations. “Until 2012, there were not as many boars in Bnari Qandil, but this year their numbers are unprecedented,” Ibrahim stated.

He believes many of the boars have migrated from the Iranian side and that their numbers have increased due to breeding.

Ibrahim added that farmers are not allowed to kill the boars to protect their crops but advised them to “be vigilant to ensure the boars do not destroy their crops.”