Coming from Iran

Over 42 tons of spoiled imported watermelon seized in Kurdistan

HALABJA – At the Tawella-Shushme border crossing, situated on the border between Iran and the Kurdistan Region within Halabja province, authorities have intercepted a shipment of over 14 tons of spoiled watermelons.

Kaywan Manuchehr Fatah, the quarantine manager at the Shushme border, revealed to 964media today that the watermelons were deemed unfit for consumption and were ordered to be sent back to Iran.

“The problem is that these watermelons may appear fine on the outside, but internally, they have deteriorated, adopting a spongy texture, which poses significant risks to consumers,” stated Fatah.

Meanwhile, the Directorate of Agriculture in Raperin Administration reported today that at the Keli Gate, they confiscated 28 tons and 740 kilograms of spoiled watermelons, also originating from Iran and transported via two trucks. Raperin Administration is comprised of the two major districts of Raniya and Qaladize in eastern Sulaymaniyah Province.

As per regulations, a two-week window is provided for the return of any spoiled food or goods to Iran; failure to comply within this period will result in a decision to dispose of the items.

The Kurdistan Region and Iraq heavily rely on food imports from neighboring nations, particularly Iran and Turkey. Concerns have been raised by the public regarding the quality of some imported goods, especially those arriving from Iran.