Causing livestock, property damage

Severe flooding in Diyala’s Qara Tapa district

DIYALA — Early Friday, villages in Diyala province’s Qara Tapa district experienced significant livestock losses and property damage due to severe flooding triggered by heavy rainfall.

The flooding affected several villages in northeastern Diyala, particularly Kashkool Al-Kabir, Al-Salam, and Al-Safra, located near mountains.

They resulted in the deaths of dozens of sheep, damage to several houses, and destruction of agricultural fields. The full extent of the damage has yet to be assessed.

Police, civil defense, and health department rescue teams have mobilized in the area to assist residents and evaluate the damage.

Thus far, the losses are purely material with no human casualties reported.

In a video, Diyala council member Fares Muzahim Al-Jubouri urged the Prime Minister and relevant authorities, along with the Diyala local government, to intervene and provide aid to those affected, compensating them for the loss of sheep and cows buried under rubble from the floods.

Al-Jubouri noted that the damage in Al-Salam and Kashkool villages is extensive, with Kashkool suffering the most. He called for immediate intervention to assist residents.

Iraqi Red Crescent Society teams in Diyala have been dispatched to the villages affected by floods to conduct a rapid field survey. They recorded damage to the homes and property of 86 families, including mud houses, livestock, and agricultural lands.

The teams plan to send food and relief materials as soon as safe routes and passages, damaged by the floods, become available.