Heavy rain leads to tragedy

One Killed, three Injured after wall collapses in Erbil

ERBIL — Heavy rain and flooding in the Kore subdistrict of Erbil caused a wall to collapse, resulting in one death and three injuries today.

Video footage shows four women walking down a street when a wall suddenly collapses on them.

Hamed Ismail, the qaymaqam of Erbil’s Pirmam district, told 964media that the wall was part of a cemetery on Kore’s main street. The collapse killed one woman and injured three others.

Two of the injured were transported to Shaqlawa Hospital, where they remain in stable condition, while the third injured person was initially taken to Pirmam Hospital. Later, Dr. Kamaran Omar, the director of Pirmam Hospital, told 964media that the critically injured victim was transferred to Erbil’s emergency hospital due to her severe condition.

“The woman who lost her life died before arriving at the hospital,” he said.

Witnesses near the incident told 964media that the four victims were under the wall when it collapsed due to rainwater accumulation.