Talking globes, self-cleaning solar panels

University students showcase scientific innovation in Kirkuk

KIRKUK — University students from the governorates of Nineveh, Salahuddin, Diyala, and Kirkuk displayed their scientific creations at a gathering in Jafar al-Sadiq College in Kirkuk. The exhibition featured a variety of robots, each designed with different shapes, types, and sizes. Among the innovations were a “speaking” globe and solar panels that “self-clean” to remove dust that blocks sunlight.

The event included participants from both government representatives and the private sector.

Raghad Mohammed, a student at Jafar al-Sadiq University, spoke to 964media about a new project called “Smart Light Street.” This innovation aims to manage street lighting through an intelligent system that senses night and day, conserves energy, and reallocates resources to other projects. The system utilizes sensors and detectors connected to a central system with multiple controls.

Abdullah Samer, a university student, described his project focused on producing electrical energy using solar panels that automatically clean themselves of dust and dirt. This accumulation typically blocks significant amounts of light essential for system efficiency. According to evaluations by his professors and private sector engineers, this innovation exceeds the performance of imported systems and panels in Iraq by over 40%.

Yahya Ali, a middle school student, has created a “speaking” globe. His innovative project allows users to touch any continent or country on the world map and hear detailed information about it. Plans for further development of the project include expanding features to cover both land and water.