On approximately two thousand subscribers

Sulaymaniyah water directorate imposes fines on excessive water use

SULAYMANIYAH, September 3 — On Sunday, the Sulaymaniyah Water Directorate announced that it had imposed fines on approximately two thousand subscribers since the beginning of the year due to excessive use of irrigation water.

Aman Jalal, the spokesperson for the Water Directorate, stated to Network 964:

“We have penalized around 2,000 subscribers in the city since the start of the year, including owners of commercial establishments and residential homes. Subscribers are warned first in case of excessive use of irrigation water, then they are fined if the waste is repeated. If they persist, their water supply is temporarily disconnected.

Water is supplied every three days in Sulaymaniyah, as the city requires more than 500,000 cubic meters per day, while only about 300,000 cubic meters are produced.”