Several suspects apprehended

Iraq’s Ministry of Interior warns against spreading false information during pilgrimage

BAGHDAD, September 2 — The Iraqi Ministry of Interior issued a warning on Friday to individuals who use social media platforms to spread rumors and false information regarding the country and religious pilgrimage ceremonies.

A statement from the Ministry read:

The Rumor Control Division warns social media users with weak consciences who seek to incite public opinion by broadcasting and disseminating rumors and false information during such religious visits.

The division also cautions against creating video clips that distort facts and cast a negative image on visiting pilgrims, aiming to disrupt the sanctity of these holy occasions and present a false portrayal of Iraq and Iraqis.

We would like to inform you that several individuals responsible for creating content that damages Iraq’s reputation and the pilgrimage ceremonies have been apprehended.

The Ministry also urges citizens to report such incidents through the hotline numbers and channels affiliated with the Ministry of Interior and emphasizes the importance of contacting the nearest security department if they come across any information that arouses suspicion and panic among the pilgrims.