Does not include Kurdish farmers

Iraq’s Ministry of Trade begins procurement of wheat

MOSUL – The Iraqi Ministry of Trade announced the launch of the wheat procurement process from local farmers on April 11, aiming to bolster domestic production and ensure food security. The procurement commenced in Muthanna Province and is slated to expand across all provinces in the coming days.

During this week’s session, the Iraqi Council of Ministers decided to purchase wheat from farmers at a rate of 850,000 Iraqi dinars per ton, approximately $650.

However, Nawzad Sheikh Kamil, the Director of Commerce in the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Trade, informed 964media that procurement from local farmers in the Kurdish region has been delayed. Kamil cited the late harvesting of wheat in the region, compared to other parts of Iraq, as the primary reason for the delay. It was not immediately clear whether Kurdish farmers would be able to participate in the Iraqi government’s wheat purchasing program.

In recent years, the federal government’s sporadic procurement of wheat from Kurdish farmers has stirred dissatisfaction among both farmers and regional officials towards Baghdad’s policies.