Welcome news amid Eid spending

Municipal workers in Wasit awarded holiday bonus

WASIT — Gov. Mohammed Jamil Al-Mayahi of Wasit announced on Tuesday that sewage workers – earning between 300,000 and 450,000 Iraqi Dinars monthly (around $200-300) – will receive a bonus of 250,000 Iraqi Dinars (about $170) for the Eid holiday in recognition of their efforts during the recent heavy rainfall. In addition, municipal workers will receive a 100,000 Iraqi Dinar bonus for their service throughout Ramadan, acknowledging their readiness and extended hours on duty during the rainstorms.

“Over the last few months, our province has faced roughly three significant rainstorms,” Al-Mayahi stated.

Last month, Iraq experienced unprecedented rainstorms, leading to severe flash flooding, property damage, and the deaths of several municipal workers across urban areas.

In response to these challenges, Al-Mayahi has decreed a 250,000 Iraqi Dinar bonus for sewage workers, praising their contribution. He urged all service sectors within the province to aim for excellence and highlighted the ‘progress and projects completed to enhance service quality.’

Furthermore, Al-Mayahi has instructed that municipal workers across Wasit’s districts and areas receive a 100,000 Iraqi Dinars bonus for Eid.

The announcement of these bonuses is timely, as the Eid celebrations, which often entail significant expenditures for families on special foods, new clothing, and hosting guests, are approaching. This financial support is expected to alleviate some of the holiday-related financial pressures faced by the workers and their families.