Millions of Captagon pills seized

Iraqi intelligence thwarts suspected international drug traffickers

BAGHDAD — Iraqi intelligence forces thwarted an attempt to smuggle a large shipment of Captagon pills out of the country, arresting three foreign nationals believed to be part of an international drug trafficking network, officials said Tuesday.

The Iraqi National Intelligence Service (INIS) said in a statement that the operation followed directives to crack down on drug trafficking by Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani, who also serves as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

“Acting on intelligence, INIS agents apprehended a criminal group of three foreign nationals linked to an international drug smuggling ring,” the statement said. “The group was using Iraqi territory as a corridor to transport narcotics to neighboring countries.”

The INIS investigation revealed the suspects operated under the guise of a cargo transportation company. After receiving a large shipment of Captagon pills disguised within raw materials, they were apprehended before the drugs could be transported out of Iraq.

“The suspects were caught red-handed and the narcotics seized,” the statement added.