Four sites to be covered

Kurdistan region partners with international universities for archaeological excavations in Duhok

DUHOK, August 28 — The Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism in the Kurdistan region signed contracts on Sunday with three universities from Germany, Italy, and Poland to conduct excavations at four archaeological sites in Duhok.

The universities will work at the Gre Gomel, Khens, and Robifa sites in Shekhan district, as well as at Gre Pastki in Semele and Bazhira in Akre.

Bekas Brifkani, Media Officer of the Duhok Directorate of Antiquities, told 964: “These contracts are very important for further archaeological excavations, initiating new historical research, and discovering valuable evidence.”

“The Duhok Directorate of Antiquities will collaborate with the teams from these universities, benefiting from their expertise in fieldwork and excavation operations,” he said. “So far, 2,221 archaeological sites have been registered in Duhok.”