Every 3 meters

Sulaymaniyah implements tree planting requirement for commercial buildings

SULAYMANIYAH, August 27 — The Sulaymaniyah Gardens Engineering Department has stipulated the planting of one tree every 3 meters at the facades of commercial buildings in exchange for building and renewal permits.

Ali Hameed – Sulaymaniyah Gardens Engineering Department to Network 964:

“Every commercial or semi-commercial building is required to plant one tree for every 3 meters of its facade, and the tree type is determined by us.

The tree types we request for planting include narand, golden mulberry, hawthorn, photinia, and Dutch elm, as they are suitable for Sulaymaniyah’s climate.

To obtain a building or renewal permit for commercial buildings, the building owner must visit the Gardens Directorate, which will require them to plant trees and green spaces before obtaining the building permit from the municipality.

In the month of July alone, 100 trees were planted in accordance with the new conditions.”