Coming from Canada

A220 Aircraft officially joins national carrier fleet in Iraq

BAGHDAD, August 27 — On Sunday, the A220 aircraft officially joined the fleet of the national carrier. This marks the fifth and final aircraft from the contract signed with Airbus, and it was received by the Ministry of Transportation after arriving from Mirabel Airport in Canada.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Transportation’s media department received by Network 964:

“Iraqi Airways, a unit of the Ministry of Transportation, received its fifth A220 aircraft within the contract signed with Airbus, announcing its addition to the national carrier’s fleet.

The statement mentioned that the Airbus A220 aircraft arrived at Baghdad International Airport on Sunday, coming from Mirabel Airport in the Canadian city of Montreal, under the command of an Iraqi crew. It will officially become part of the Iraqi national carrier’s fleet.

The statement highlighted that this Airbus A220 aircraft is the fifth and final one from the contract with Airbus, and the Ministry has the option to renew the contract for an additional five aircraft if deemed necessary.

The statement also emphasized that the Airbus A220 boasts high specifications, including fuel efficiency and an advanced diagnostic and processing system. The aircraft’s design ensures aerodynamic efficiency, and it incorporates materials that represent the latest advancements in aircraft structure technology.

It was further noted that this aircraft model is equipped with an internet system, in addition to advanced entertainment options for passengers.

The Ministry affirmed its commitment to continue purchasing aircraft through direct contracts with both Boeing and Airbus. The plan for fleet modernization and enhancement continues under the direct supervision of His Excellency Minister Professor Razzak Mheibes Al-Saadawi, and it will extend until 2027. It was also mentioned that the second wide-body Dreamliner aircraft is expected to arrive at Baghdad International Airport in September, as part of a total of ten Dreamliner aircraft, distinguished by their high luxury specifications.

It is worth noting that a total of 12 aircraft of various models from Boeing and Airbus have joined the fleet of the General Company for Iraqi Airways so far.”