After political standoff

Badr Mahmoud Al-Fahl named Salah Al-Din governor

SALAH AL-DIN — The Salah Al-Din Provincial Council elected Badr Mahmoud Al-Fahl as the governor with an absolute majority on Sunday, securing 13 votes.

Ahmed Abdullah Al Jibouri, also known as Abu Mazen, Secretary-General of the National Masses Party [Hizb Al-Jamaheer Al-Wataniyah], congratulated Salah Al-Din’s residents on Al-Fahl’s election. He encouraged the community to support the new governor, emphasizing the need to avoid ‘discord, defamation, and extortion.’

A statement from Abu Mazen’s office, which was shared with 964media, read: “Salah Al-Din has gained a loyal son and brother to all its residents. We extend our gratitude to all political blocs and council members who prioritized their province above everything else and voted for Governor Badr Al-Fahl today. We hope they continue to support him, steering clear of contention and exploitation.”

The statement continued, “We are entering a new phase aiming for societal peace, fostering citizenship, advocating rational dialogue, maintaining neutrality, and initiating widespread reconstruction across the governorate.”

“The governorate’s doors will remain open, striving to set an example for others. This commitment aligns with our political history of prioritizing unity and collective effort, a principle upheld by the National Masses Party to ensure equality and promote social reconciliation,” the statement added.

It concluded with a call to political factions: “Let us remember that discord will not build a nation nor resolve current and future crises. We seek success through unity and cooperation.”