'Strategic initiative'

Baghdad governor lays foundation stone for Al-Nahrawan sewer project

BAGHDAD – On Saturday, Baghdad Governor Abdul Mutalllib Al-Alawi laid the foundation stone for the strategic Al-Nahrawan Sewerage Project, stating it will serve eight neighborhoods and over 400,000 residents.

During the foundation stone laying ceremony, Al-Alawi’s address, emphasized that “the project is one of five strategic initiatives for the capital and complements the sewerage projects of Sab’ Al-Bor, Abu Ghraib, Al-Wahda, and Al-Rashidia.”

The project includes the disposal of rainwater and sewage for all the neighborhoods of the Al-Nahrawan area, covering eight neighborhoods, and aims to provide sewage services to more than 400,000 people until the year 2043.

“The completion period for the project is four years, with a design capacity of more than 67,000 cubic meters per day for the first phase. The second phase has a design capacity of 100,000 cubic meters per day upon the completion of the first phase,” Al-Alawi detailed.

He also highlighted the project’s benefits, including the production of 850 tons of organic fertilizer annually, while the served area reaches 4,120,000 donums.

“After the completion of the sewage lines, the project will proceed with surface services such as paving, network connections, curbstones laying, and landscaping,” Al-Alawi added.