Restoring lush greenery

Abu Al-Khaseeb municipality launches major planting campaign

BASRA – In an effort to revitalize the green landscape of Abu Al-Khaseeb district south of Basra, the municipality’s teams have initiated an extensive campaign to plant trees and flowers across the streets, schools, and government buildings. Hussein Al-Asadi, the director of the Parks and Recreation Department, stated that the initiative aims to restore the district’s lush greenery that it was known for over decades.

“Our teams are continually planting in the medians and along the sides of roads in areas including Bab Tawil, the Port, the Touristic area, Um Skhar, the extended Khuz River towards the Touristic Road, the Vinegar and Dairy Factory Road, the Schools Street in Bab Maidan, Sheikh Ibrahim Street, and Khuz River Street, in addition to several schools,” Al-Asadi informed 964media.

The types of trees and flowers being planted include Acacia, aloe vera, common hibiscus, Washingtonia, Palm, and Celosia. For locally grown shrubs, varieties such as Angel’s Tears, Mina, and shade plants are being cultivated.

“All the roses, shrubs, and shade plants are grown in the municipality’s nurseries. We have two nurseries with a capacity of 16 plastic houses, one in Talaa Al-Hamza and the other in the Military District,” Al-Asadi added.

The municipality of Abu Al-Khaseeb is committed to creating as much green space as possible to improve the environmental standard and enhance the area’s aesthetic appeal.

Future projects include the planting and rehabilitation of playground gardens in Talaa Al-Hamza and the Military District, with the goal of planting all the medians in the district’s streets and increasing green spaces in schools and government buildings.