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German tourist visits Al-Rutba, last stop before returning to Jordan

ANBAR, August 27 — The city of Al-Rutba received a German tourist who arrived from Jordan after touring Ramadi and several cities in Anbar, making the border city her final stop for a day before returning to Jordanian territory.

The German tourist, named “Maryam,” entered from Jordan in her personal car along with her young son through the Trebil border crossing, from which she will return to Amman tomorrow.

Emad Mashal – Mayor of Al-Rutba for Network 964:

“The German tourist “Maryam” was received at the hospitality building belonging to the mayor’s office of Al-Rutba, becoming the first foreign tourist to arrive in the city after the era of ISIS.”

“We provided her with all the necessary facilities to move around the areas of Al-Rutba as part of her tourist tour, in coordination with the security authorities.”

Mohammed Al-Kubaisi – Civil Activist:

“The presence of this tourist in Al-Rutba and her desire to explore its tourist sites sends an important message to pay attention to this city and its landmarks.”

“Al-Rutba has tourist attractions that may be the most beautiful in Iraq, such as Lake Huran Dam, and the Al-Faydah Natural Reserve, which used to house a large number of deer, birds, and wildlife, as well as the “Abeela” Valley.”

“Therefore, we call on the relevant authorities to invest and properly develop this sector, providing numerous job opportunities for the residents of the district.”

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