Following rising tensions

Sudani meets Kurdish MPs

BAGHDAD – Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani held a meeting on Wednesday with the leader and members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) bloc in the Iraqi Parliament. The discussions centered on the general situation across the country, with a particular focus on conditions in the Kurdistan Region.

According to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Media Office, received by 964media, Al-Sudani highlighted the shared issues between the federal government and the regional government. He emphasized the importance of continuing dialogue to address these issues in accordance with the Constitution.

The meeting came in the wake of increased tensions between Baghdad and Erbil following the Federal Supreme Court’s recent rulings, which assigned control over the Kurdistan region’s employees’ salaries and local elections to Baghdad.

The KDP has accused Baghdad authorities of deliberately undermining Kurdistan’s autonomous powers.

Al-Sudani also underscored the significance of integrated efforts between the executive and legislative branches to support the government’s program aimed at improving services, implementing reforms, and enhancing the living and economic conditions of citizens across Iraq.