Huge project inches towards completion

Transport ministry announces progress on Development Road

BAGHDAD — The Ministry of Transport announced on Sunday significant progress in the Development Road project, with the railway design stages now 66% complete and the international highway reaching 52%. Additionally, soil examination efforts are 80% complete.

The Development Road project is an ambitious infrastructure initiative designed to enhance Iraq’s role as a key transit hub in the region. It aims to connect various parts of the country through a comprehensive network of railways and highways, facilitating trade and improving accessibility.

Maitham Al-Safi, the ministry’s media director, informed the official Iraqi News Agency, “The initial design stages for the Development Road project’s railway line have achieved 66% completion, while the highway has progressed to 52%.”

The highway portion of the Development Road project is envisioned to provide a modern, high-capacity road network, improving the efficiency of road transport across Iraq and its neighboring countries. This will support economic development by reducing travel times and costs for goods and passengers.

Al-Safi also noted, “Soil investigation works have reached 80%, and topographical survey operations have covered 1,200 kilometers.” A topographical survey in this context involves mapping the elevation and features of the terrain along the project’s path, crucial for planning construction and ensuring the infrastructure is adapted to the local geography.

The emphasis on the Development Road project was reinforced by Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani during his meeting last Tuesday with a delegation from the International Finance Corporation, highlighting the importance of supporting projects associated with the Development Road.

The IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, focuses on encouraging private sector development in developing countries. Their involvement suggests potential investment, financial support, and expertise in making the Development Road project a success.

Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi, head of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, confirmed the Iraqi government’s dedication to launching the Development Road project, envisioned as a crucial economic corridor linking the East and West.

Designs for Development Road project near 50 percent completion: railway official

Designs for Development Road project near 50 percent completion: railway official