While looking for spring herbs

Landmine kills a man and injures his son

KIRKUK – A landmine explosion in Kirkuk has claimed the life of a man and left his son injured while they were searching for spring herbs and mushrooms, local police reported. The incident occurred in the Jebel Bori area, underscoring the persistent threat of unexploded ordnance in the region.

Kirkuk police stated that the mine dated back to the Baathist regime era, highlighting the ongoing danger posed by landmines in and around Kirkuk.

It is estimated that up to 12 square kilometers of land near Kirkuk still contain unexploded mines.. The legacy of minefields from the Baath regime, particularly in Kurdish regions, continues to present a significant challenge.

Despite decades-long efforts by both local and international organizations to clear these mines, numerous minefields remain intact.

Iraq is the world’s most contaminated country in terms of mined areas, with over 34,000 casualties reported by 2019, according to the Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor, a research program for the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and the Cluster Munition Coalition.

The extensive contamination of mines continues to endanger civilians, impeding economic development and the return of displaced populations to their homes.