Cabinet members meet oil company reps

KRG holds meeting on oil exports and federal oil law

ERBIL, August 24 — Five months since Kurdish oil exports were suspended, officials in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) met with representatives from oil companies to discuss production costs, safeguarding oil contracts, and consultations about the federal oil and gas law.

The government invited companies with contracts in the Kurdistan region to meet with Cabinet members, including Kamal Mohammed, the Acting Minister of Natural Resources; along with Umed Sabah, the Chief of the Cabinet; Amanj Rahim, the Cabinet Secretary; Farsat Ahmed, the Minister of Justice; and Dr. Abdulhakim Khasrow, Head of the Coordination and Monitoring Department.

According to Umed Sabah, a representative from the Prime Minister’s office, the meeting included the following topics:

  • Emphasizing the KRG’s support for oil companies.
  • Explanation of recent visits and discussions of the KRG delegation in Baghdad, as well as steps to implement the budget law and production costs for oil companies.
  • The KRG’s stance on the matter, financial dues owed to the region, and opinions shared in Baghdad.
  • The President of the Cabinet’s Council mentioned that both sides agreed to continue negotiations between the KRG and the Iraqi Government to find a solution within the framework of the constitution and the budget law.

The meeting also covered the draft federal oil and gas law. The KRG representatives presented their evaluation of the draft law and discussed the ideas and suggestions for the Iraqi Government.