Compensation pledged for farmers

Windstorm damages over 900 plastic tunnel greenhouses

PIRAMAGRUN — Last week, a severe windstorm damaged more than 900 polytunnels in the Piramagrun area, adversely affecting a wide range of crops, including lettuce, onions, and other vegetables. The storm also led to the collapse of a household’s attic in the district, thankfully without causing any fatalities.

Polytunnels, also known as plastic tunnel greenhouses, are structures covered with polyethylene plastic over a frame of metal, plastic, or wood. Their tunnel-like shape is designed for efficient temperature, humidity, and pest control, making them essential for year-round agricultural production.

Saman Amin, the director of agriculture in Piramagrun, spoke to 964media, stating, “The drop in temperature severely compromised the structural integrity of many polytunnels in Piramagrun, resulting in significant produce loss.”

According to Amin, over 900 polytunnels in the area have been affected. He mentioned, “We have visited most of the impacted polytunnels and are in the process of informing our superiors to establish a high-level committee. This committee will assess the agricultural losses and, where possible, provide compensation to the farmers for their losses.”

The Piramagrun Agricultural Directorate estimates the existence of about 3,000 polytunnels in the sub-district.

Following heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding in Piramagrun on Feb. 16, three bridges collapsed, causing transportation difficulties, and water entered more than 10 homes and a warehouse storing cleaning supplies and food.

The heavy rainfall also damaged the electricity transmission and distribution networks, leaving Piramagrun and its surrounding villages without national electricity for approximately 24 hours.

Piramagrun, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Dukan district, encompasses six neighborhoods and 47 villages, with a population exceeding eight thousand.

Residents repair dilapidated road in Sulaymaniyah's Piramagrun

Residents repair dilapidated road in Sulaymaniyah's Piramagrun

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Powerful windstorm disrupts electricity in Pshdar's Gulan village