Battling water scarcity

Kifri cousins harness rainfall with large-scale water reservoir

KIFRI – In an innovative approach to water conservation, two cousins in Sipey Village, located in the Awespi area of Kifri District, have constructed a reservoir within their agricultural land to collect this year’s rainfall. The initiative comes as a response to the often challenging water scarcity during the summer seasons in the area.

The reservoir, which is 300 meters in length and more than six meters deep, is intended for irrigation purposes and potentially to rear fish, according to one of the cousins, Burhan Ali. Speaking to 964media, Ali highlighted the difficulty in accessing water during the dry seasons and the relevance of their project in addressing this issue.

“This year’s rainfall has been particularly beneficial,” Ali remarked, noting that the water collected will be used to irrigate their crops and support local wildlife and possibly a fishery. Such community-led efforts indicate a growing recognition of the importance of sustainable water management practices in rural areas.

Additionally, similar endeavors are noted throughout the region, with 25 ponds being constructed by farmers in Akre and the “Pond of Hope” in Tuz Khurmatu reaching full capacity.

In Qaradagh, the replenishment of dams and ponds has been met with positive local feedback, showcasing a collective move towards resource sustainability.

The project not only serves immediate agricultural needs but also represents a proactive measure against the challenges posed by climate variability.