Strings of the Third

Wasit fine arts college hosts student design exhibition

WASIT – The College of Fine Arts in Wasit University showcased the ingenuity of its students through an exhibition titled “Strings of the Third” on Wednesday, highlighting the design endeavors of third-year pupils. This event, coinciding with the inaugural year of a design course, took place in the Naseer Shamma hall, celebrating the students’ accomplishments.

Shurooq Amera, a faculty member, discussed the exhibition’s significance with 964media, noting, “The exhibition presents the creative output of third-year students from both the morning and evening classes.”

The featured works stem from the recently introduced course on design and decoration, employing a variety of techniques including montage, collage, drawing, design output, as well as crafts, and printing on materials like glass and wood.

Amera emphasized the exhibition’s objective, “Our goal is to nurture the artistic and design acumen of students specializing in art education. With the design course being a novel element of our curriculum, it’s evident from their exhibited works that the students have attained a remarkable level of creative insight.”