Little Mutanabbi

Baghdad cultural center launches free children’s arts program

BAGHDAD – “Al-Mutanabbi Al-Saghir,” a unique initiative at the Baghdad Cultural Center, is capturing the city’s attention by offering free artistic and educational programs to children aged 6 to 17. Since its inception in 2016, the program has been dedicated to fostering young talents in the arts, music, and poetry.

Amal Ibrahim, the director of Al-Mutanabbi Al-Saghir, explains, “Our center, which operates every Friday, provides a space for children to explore various activities from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. free of charge.

“We aim to encourage parents to take advantage of this educational opportunity, recognizing the value of exposing their children to a nurturing, child-focused environment under the guidance of specialized teachers and trainers.”

The initiative has garnered positive feedback from the community. Azraa Naeem, a local parent, expressed her support to 964media, “Finding a place like this on Al-Mutanabbi street that encourages children to hone their artistic and musical skills is truly remarkable.

“The center’s commitment to child development, coupled with its efforts to overcome shyness and foster social integration among children, convinced me to enroll my family’s children here.”

Al-Mutanabbi street, known for its bustling book market, transforms into a cultural hub every Friday, attracting book enthusiasts from across Baghdad to engage in literary and cultural pursuits. The “Al-Mutanabbi Al-Saghir” (which means Little Mutanabbi in English) program adds to this rich cultural tapestry by offering a creative outlet for the city’s youth.