Field teams assist elderly with documentation

Basra directorate Brings ID services to residents’ doorsteps

BASRA — The Passport and Residency Directorate in Basra has deployed field teams to Al-Faw, issuing unified ID cards and passports directly to the homes of the elderly, the ill, and individuals with disabilities. This initiative ensures that those unable to reach the directorate’s facilities are not excluded from obtaining essential documentation.

Anwar Al-Bazooni, the media and relations head for Basra’s Directorate of Civil Status, Passports, and Residency, told 964media, “Under the guidance of higher authorities, our teams have been visiting homes for the past two days from early morning, prioritizing services for the disabled, critically ill, and elderly who face challenges in getting to government offices.”

Al-Bazooni noted the campaign’s success in the Al-Faw district, stating, “We’ve managed to process about 20 ID cards and passports each day for these residents in their own homes,” showcasing the program’s effectiveness.

Recipients are selected through appeals made to the directorate, with the mobile passport issuing unit, MBK, being utilized for on-site processing.

One beneficiary, Fatima Mohammed, who has quadriplegia, expressed her gratitude to 964media: “Being unable to travel to the passport office, I’m thankful for their service that allowed me to receive my unified ID card without leaving home.”

Khanaqin to open local passport office, simplifying procedures for locals

Khanaqin to open local passport office, simplifying procedures for locals