Twenty bullets fired at car

Iraqi politician, publisher survives assassination attempt in Baghdad

BAGHDAD – Fakhri Karim, a prominent Iraqi politician and publisher, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in Baghdad after attending an event at the Al-Mada Book Fair.

According to a close aide, the incident occurred shortly after Karim left the venue, when a vehicle carrying unknown assailants intercepted his car and fired approximately 20 bullets at it.

Remarkably, Karim was unharmed with no bullets striking him.

Fakhri Karim is a well known figure in Iraq’s political and cultural spheres, serving as the head of the Al-Mada Publishing House. This organization is renowned for its publication of the daily Al-Mada Newspaper and for organizing annual book fairs in Baghdad, Basra, and Erbil.

Karim’s influential work includes political commentary and writings on Iraqi political and cultural affairs.